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We offer two levels of software support. The first is for our Limulus Personal HPC systems (see below). We also offer HPC cluster support as part of our HPC services. This support is highly dependent on client needs and HPC hardware; we have experience with all forms of HPC hardware and software. Please contact Basement Supercomputing directly about this level of support.

Limulus Personal HPC Cluster Support

All Limulus hardware has been professionally designed and built to the same specification so issues can be replicated between systems. This feature allows Basement Supercomputing to provide a low-cost on-line support mechanism for most issues. Please see our RMA procedures (please login before accessing this page) for returns.

The basic support package includes 90 days of private access to the Basement Supercomputing Question and Answer page. In addition, one live phone call/incident is included in the 90-day support package. Hardware issues and more complex problems are handled via phone and email support.

Additional 9-month and 12-month support packages are also available. These include continued access to the Question and Answer page and two live phone calls/incidents. Hardware issues and more complex problems are handled via phone and email support.

Administrative support is also available for Limulus systems. This support is designed to use remote (ssh or VPN) access and may include, but is not limited to, managing users, solving user issues, brief user education, building software, performance tuning, software installation, storage management, or workflow management. The administration package also include either HPC and Hadoop package management, updates, and HDFS/YARN administration.