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Basement Supercomputing has a simple goal:

You do the science, we do the cluster

For most organizations purchasing an HPC or Hadoop cluster is like trying to build a car by going to the auto parts store. Wasted time and wrong decisions are costly. Basement Supercomputing will save you time and money because we know how to build clusters that work. We have built some of the most advanced and successful clusters for many top-tier government, academic, and commercial organizations. Due to the open and commodity nature of clusters, countless organizations have benefited from higher throughput, decreased costs, and vendor freedom. We can be engaged in any number of the following areas:

  • Integrated Cluster Software and Support - Our new HPC Cluster Software Suite goes beyond the typical service offering available today. Our software and integration services are designed to take a pile of HPC hardware and turn it into a highly integrated and smoothly running cluster. Our software suite offers two rare commodities in the HPC cluster marketplace: Full Integration and Support. We can also provide training for both administrators and end users.

  • HPC Cluster Design Services - We offer money-saving services that include; cluster design and specification preparation, hardware software qualification, feasibility studies, benchmarking, and optimization. We can help you save money buy designing an optimal solution within your budget.
  • Software Conversion and Development - We have extensive experience in parallel conversion, optimization, and project development. We can help design/convert and deploy your HPC project using our cost-effective and tested techniques.