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RAID Storage


To ensure safe data storage, all bulk storage on Limulus system uses RAID arrays. This storage is optional and not needed for basic Limulus operation. To be properly configured this upgrade must be purchased with a Limulus system.

These optional RAID sets vary in size from 8TB to 56TB for the standard Limulus case and can be as high as 140TB using the double wide case (See Extended RAID options). All RAID is configured and managed using Linux "md" (multidisk) software RAID.

Drives are high quality and data center rated ( "spinning disk" ) with a 5 year warranty.

The amount of storage is implemented as follows:

Usable-Storage-Size Drives Drive-Size RAID-Level
8 TB 2 8 TB 1
10 TB 2 10 TB 1
14 TB 2 14 TB 1
24 TB 6 6 TB 6
40 TB 6 10 TB 6
56 TB 6 14 TB 6
72 TB 6 18 TB 6


  1. All drives are enterprise quality (not consumer grade shingled storage).
  2. All Limulus systems come with professional grade SSD drives for basic OS and user storage. Hadoop/Spark systems use SSD drives for HDFS. The RAID sets above are for optional bulk centralized storage. Check the specification for your model.
  3. These RAID sets are available on all Limulus models and MUST be included as part of the original specification. These are not user installable upgrades.
  4. The double wide case can accommodate lager sizes, see Extended RAID option.