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Model 452: SSD RAID0

Model 452: SSD RAID0

Additional Main Node SSD storage for Limulus Hadoop Model 452

This option is for additional storage on the main node (log-in node) on Model 452.

Additional storage is provided from two removable SSD drives in RAID0 format (the two drives are combined into one drive. (mirrored RAID1 is available). This storage is optional and not needed for basic Limulus operation. This additional storage can be shared with worker nodes using NFS. To be properly configured this upgrade must be purchased with a Limulus system. The amount of storage is implemented as follows:

Upgrade-Size (RAID0)SSD-Size Drives Endurance/Drive
2 TB 1 TB 2 600 TBW
4 TB 2 TB 2 1200 TBW
8 TB 4 TB 2 2400 TBW

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