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Model 122-222; 112-412: 25 Gigabit Ethernet Upgrade

$2,495.00 each

Now 25 GbE! Add lower latency and more bandwidth to any Limulus system

On the original Limulus system, the HPL benchmark went from 385.5 GFLOPS (52% of peak using 1 GbE) to 567.4 GFLOP (76% of peak using 10 GbE). Not all codes will see this type of increase, however latency sensitive codes show much better performance overall.

The option adds full 25 GbE capability between all nodes using a switch-less design. The estimated single byte TCP latency for 10GbE (as measured by Netpipe) ranges from 8-11 ┬Áseconds (in some cases a packet may need to hop across a network card adding 3-4 ┬Áseconds). Internal test for 10 GbE reached a maximum TCP bandwidth of 9.3 Gb/sec (10.0 Gb/sec is peak for 10 GbE) with a N/2 of 120,000 Bytes. The new 25 GbE interconnect is expected to reach 23 Gb/sec with similar latency. All systems come full configured and ready to run.

This upgrade must be purchased with a Limulus system and is available on all Zen-3 and Zen-3 models. It is not intended as a user installable option.