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Limulus DL 500
Personal Deep Learning Workstation (12 cores/2 GPU)

dlLimulus DL 500<br /> Personal Deep Learning Workstation (12 cores/2 GPU)
$7,995.00 each

9 Month Software Support

Extended Hardware Support (1 Year)


Call, email for details!

Two node Deep Learning (DL) systems. Each node has one NVidia GTX 2080 (option for two GTX 2080ti, contact us for availability) Systems come with Basement Supercomputing software stack plus distributed Tensor Flow and other DL software.

Each system has the following:

  • 2X Intel I7-8700 processor
  • 2x Micro-ATX motherboard
  • 2x 32 GB RAM (32 GB per motherboard)
  • 2x NVidia GeForce GTX 2080 (one per motherboard)
  • 2x 4TB HDD (attached to main motherboard)
  • 2x 256G SSD (attached to main motherboard)
  • 2x 1GB Ethernet with expansion port
  • 2x 10G Ethernet with expansion port
  • 1x Limulus case
  • 1x Basement SC software stack
  • 1x 850W PS (single wall plug)


System will use 700 watts at full load. Main node controls the second internal node. All nodes can connect to the local 1 and 10 Gig Ethernet